The purple hull peas! They are so good!

The purple hull peas! They are so good! I love the vegetables and spring flowers! Neat place to just visit also. People are so nice and helpful.

Betty Knoll

Yes the corn is the best corn around here!

Yes, the corn is the best corn around here! I promise you that and is sweet too! Love it a lot! Plus they got a lot of fresh produce at good prices!!!

Logan M Wells

These folks go to a lot of effort to bring fresh produce to our area.

These folks go to a lot of effort to bring fresh produce to our area. Their offerings get larger each year. Can not wait until they add a deli!

Kitty Greenup

Wow is what I say!

Wow is what I say. This is the place for your summer needs. They’ve got plants and more plants and more plants. Like another reviewer said. Lots of different plants that other greenhouses don’t have. Exotic plants, tropical plants… Like the great big hibiscus flower plants. The biggest I’ve seen in the area and beyond. Great service. Plants all look nice and well taken care of. Healthy and full of blooms and always in nice shape. They have a fish pond and pergola and lots of nice furniture. Fairy gardens and succulents. Some of my favorites that you can’t find anywhere else are here. I will be back to purchase again. Keep up the good work and great service.

Janina Toews

Awesome place to shop.

Awesome place to shop. A little bit of everything fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses nuts, homemade goodies. Etc. Beautiful flowers shrubs fruit trees etc. Let’s not forget the famous esau corn. The service is outstanding. Oh checkout the goldfish pond while you are there.

Linda Gibson

It is so nice to have Newswanger’s close to home!

It is so nice to have a wonderful place like Newswanger’s close to home. Although I am right down the road, it would be worth the drive to get beautiful plants, flowers, pots, and fresh produce. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. My kids enjoy the goldfish they have in the pond, and it entertains them as I shop! Each year I look forward to seeing what new beautiful things they have to offer.

Claudia Holthoff Sullivan

What can I say about

What can I say about this place! I LOVE IT! It is like a adventure to go in to. I love everything they have from the Sweet Strawberries to the Sweetest Corn you have ever put in your mouth. They also have these metal yard decorations. If you have something in particular you want, just ask someone and they are willing to help. Daniel, Lucia and the many others who work there will help you find what you are looking for. Daniel and Lucia goes out of their way to help you. Thank YOU Daniel and Lucia for coming to our neck of the woods.

Andi Wallace Moore

Love This Place!

Love this place! They have some amazing plants and produce! Could go there every day and find something new! People are super nice and helpful.

Sandra Powell

Wonderful people!

Wonderful people! Authentic locals selling fresh produce that isn’t from a thousand miles away. Reasonable prices and a large selection! They even take large orders to your vehicle. Make sure you go when they’ll be stocked. Call and ask when they’ll get more in and go early that day. Their popularity is rising and the stock goes fast! Sorry, I couldn’t get more pictures… they were very very busy!


Go to Newswengers for an Awesome Experience

Go to Newswengers for an experience of what you need, what you like, and lots of things you never thought about. It is simply amazing to find such a selection in one place. They are glad to help you with your questions . Also it seems they are always adding new things to their store. A unique shopping experience.

Greg Miller

They love to share knowledge about all their products.

Daniel & Lucia go out of their way to help you. They love to share knowledge about all their products. Their place is an adventure to visit and a fun outing for everyone. Your first experience at Newswanger’s won’t be your last – you will be ready to return again and again. How fortunate to have this outstanding business convenient to everyone, just along Hwy 65!!!

Karen Brantley

I drive 82 miles one

I drive 82 miles one way to shop here and love everything there. These people have wonderful produce, plants, flowers and trees. They are nice to deal with. My only suggestion would be to move closer to where I live. I tell all my friends about this place, on came all the way from Malvern, AR a few weeks ago.

Margaret Figlio

Best place in the area to get good quality plant help.

Best place in the area to get good quality plant help. Very dependable honest place.

Toby Dirks

You will enjoy your experience while at this business

This is the place to come for anything from fresh peas to outdoor furniture to farm-raised catfish. And many items in between. I have watched this business grow over the last 10 years starting from a small family business to a very busy open-air produce and garden center. They put in many long hours to ensure that the produce is fresh and flowers are watered. You will enjoy your experience while at this business and also later with fresh food on the table, maybe some beautiful flowers, and outdoor furniture to last a lifetime.

Jason Kahn

The Newswanger’s were extremely helpful!

The Newswangers were extremely helpful! They had patience with me as I do NOT have a green thumb. With much help, I was able to landscape our front yard, and we are very satisfied. We live close to a big box store that sells lawn/garden products, but we drove about an hour to specifically buy from Newsanger’s because the plants look so luscious! I just hope I can keep them looking as good as they have!!

Courtney Johnson



Kathy Ashcraft


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